Frequently asked questions

What is Kundalini Yoga? What if I have never done yoga before?

Yoga is the core of the entire Program for us, you’ll be doing Kundalini Yoga 5 to 7 days per week depending on the program we create for your particular therapy. We work with master teachers who meet you at which ever level of physical fitness you are at, we have worked with a lot of individuals who had never done yoga or meditation before partaking in the program. 

Kundalini Yoga is The Yoga of Awareness. It works on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. The physical experience of Kundalini Yoga can be profound and immediate. Most practitioners of Kundalini Yoga will attest to its spiritual nature. Its spiritual aspect is boundless and non-discriminating. Kundalini Yoga paired with other therapies creates a powerful combination for transformation as it helps integrate all the other therapies at a very deep level.

What can the program do for me?

The 40 day program is designed to balance and heal issues at their root cause. This can involve trauma therapy paired with a variety of other modalities chosen specifically for each client to address their individual needs. Our goal is to bring you back into alignment, full of vitality, with clarity and direction so that you may go back into your life with a full understanding of the tools and techniques that serve you to remain in that state. 

What is the accommodation like?

Each person will have private accommodation and a driver from our team. Example of the accommodation type:



What does the detox entail?

The key part of our 40-Day Program is the The Cleanse, a 10 day guided cleanse with specialized foods and juices, all of these will be provided to you by our team. This is a foundational part of the program intent on cleansing you at a cellular level and allowing for deeper emotional and mental healing. We understand if you have dietary requirements, this is not a problem as each of our cleanses is personalized to best suit the client’s needs.

Can my family come with me?

We don’t recommend that family members who are not taking part of the program come, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This will be discussed on an individual case basis. Our intent is that the person undertaking the 40 day program is able to fully concentrate and be present to their healing process without distractions.

A holistic program

“All healing is based on a relationship. The fundamental relationship is to your Self and Soul. You are missing nothing. You are complete within yourself. Whatever you have asked for is given. But we learn fear (or to fear ourself). We learn that we are incomplete. We learn that we are flawed, bad, wrong, or ineffective. The fastest route to healing and to the experience of happiness is to forgive completely and limitlessly. Forgive, release, learn, love, and excel!

What is there to forgive and release? The hundreds of inner tapes, patterns, and feelings that had you live as if you are limited and inadequate. Regardless of the source of those patterns, they must be forgiven and released from the very neurons of the two hemispheres of the brain. Some of the most powerful and harmful feelings get distributed in the brain in such a way that we can talk about it forever without piercing the bodily sense of the emotion that forms its roots. Once we can connect to that area of the body and brain, it can be experienced and re-integrated with the rest of your body and mind. That wholeness is both the process and the result of healing.”

~ Yogi Bhajan

Española, New Mexico

Our upcoming Spring, 40-Day residential program will be held in the beautiful town of Española, NM.

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